Postpartum Distress

I provide psychotherapy to mothers, who are experiencing mood swings, crying spells, and feeling overwhelmed and/or depressed. There are also those women who have difficulty bonding with their babies, withdrawing from family and friends, and fearing that they are not good mothers. I offer a space to solve problems, set realistic goals, find better ways to cope with your feelings, and respond to situations in a positive way.

The major outcomes of our work together can include:

  • adjust to and lessen the confusion and fear associated with major life changes associated with motherhood
  • improve your mood to feel better, increase bonding, and improve functioning
  • improve bonding and attachment to your child
  • reduce worry, stress, and anxiety of being the "perfect mom"
  • reduce negative, catastrophic thoughts about your baby and ability to care for your baby
  • balance work/school-life stress
  • a decrease in anxiety and/or depression to improve relationships, well-being, and overall functioning
  • a decrease in heightened arousal states to relax and return to normal states of attention
  • an increase self-awareness to monitor thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and implement changes needed to improve life satisfaction
  • a balance in relationships and school/work interactions
  • improved communication in relationships

Other ways therapy can make your life better:

  • healing pain (physical and emotional)
  • decreasing bad habits to live a healthier, happier life
  • improving management skills at work/home to become more productive and efficient
  • increasing grounding/mindfulness to relax and cope with stressors in the moment
  • improving coping skills to handle daily stressors and distressful situations
  • learning mindfulness skills for coping with ongoing stressors
  • learning progressive muscle relaxation techniques to cope with stressors and learn to relax
  • implementing routine self-care (e.g. diet, exercise, pleasant activities) to increase serotonin levels (i.e. the body’s “happy hormone”)